Case Studies

Below are a sample of some of the work we have carried about that we are in a position to show.

Leicester City Council

Electrical LV installations were needed from the transformer to switching gear & through to the end users. There was a requirement for ladder racking containment, tray work, galvanised trunking and conduit to facilitate this.

The Installation also called for 250kW UPS and generator backed critical solution.

Incorporated within this installation was the fibre and data links between the server racks, enabling the clients flexibility to place equipment in any location within the DC.

University of Warwick

Trilec Communication Services were tasked with the refurbishment of an existing Data Centre within the University House. The entirety of the existing infrastructure was removed in order for us to begin our installation. TriLec managed all the Build works allowing the fabric of the building to be completed prior to any works starting. The scope of works consisted of the electrical, data infrastructure containment and cabling.

Bath University

Electrical LV installations were needed from the mains LV panel to switching gear & through to the end users. The Installation requirements were that of a 300kW solution with both generator & UPS critical back up along with a secondary mains LV requirement for resilience. High-density fibre and data links were installed along with a duplicate secondary backup solution for network resilience.

Trilec Bath Uni


Installation of fibre backbone from main communications equipment room to various remote building locations, installing all new fibre and data for building infrastructure to facilitate a secure and non-secure network.

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